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Introduction Shalom Tube

An introduction from the founder of This video was about 250MB after I took it. Once I processed it I formatted it for small windows phone and it shrunk it down around 19MB. Not the best video but it works well on this site.
We have currently set the file size limit to 200MB. Until we begin bringing money in to secure a larger server we have to keep a lid on things. Please bear with us, we are not new to web development, but we are new to this type of site but we have enough knowledge and experience to make it work. Let's work together to further the Kingdom of Elohim.
The introduction video that was done on this site from the founder was about 250MB after it was taken. It was formatted with windows movie maker for small windows phone and ended up being only about 19MB and is under 3 minutes long. Granted it's not the clearest picture, but it works well on this site. I will be doing more testing and share information so we can minimize bandwidth and still get the message out.
Another copy was formatted for Youtube that I did not upload and it turned out to be 88.8MB So if you format your videos correctly you should easily be able to upload 10 to 15 minute videos. Once we have more money to secure a larger server with more bandwidth we will consider increasing the size limits on videos. 
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