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Yeshua the HaMaschiach was not a member of a 501c3 "church"

Many Churches today operate as businesses. They are 501C3 corporations. They get tax deductions from the government. The government, in return, expects churches to stay quiet on certain issues.
Yeshua was not a member of a 501 c3. Neither were the Apostles. Jesus never took a bribe from the government to keep quiet on the issues of His day. It was the government and the religious leaders of His day that killed Him.
There is a misconception that people must belong to a Institutional church in order to be \"saved\" We forget that Jesus and the Apostles spent the majority of their time outside of a building, called \"church\"
Church is who we are. It is not where we go.
There are some good nonprofit 501 c3 churches out there, but it is important to remember that much of the Body has been called outside of the four walls.
Plain Truth
501C3 False Church
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    Thank you! I agree! Evelyn did a good job in what she wrote! Shalom