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False Humility

Servants do not take on roles in life that come with a title or a lofty position. Scripture tells us that we must become as a child or we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who Elevate themselves and call themselves Rabbi, leaders, Masters or such things are elevating themselves and this is arrogance. Our Father in Heaven has not given it to us to take these titles for ourselves. Only Messiah is our Rabbi and he explained that to us. He told us that if we Elevate ourselves we will be amazed. However if we will humble ourselves he will lift us up. So the people who take on the title of Rabbi or other such things will be abased by Our Father in Heaven. Our focus should be on being a servant in this world because that is what Messiah came to show us to do. Yet many people Miss understand this and do not understand the scriptures on this.
Plain Truth
Be a servant, humility, become as a child, lowly, humble
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