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Flat Earth puzzle finally solved, 100% PROOF!!!!! (Flat earthers in turmoil)

Books about The Flat Earth theory-
Earth stickers for twisty puzzles -
A shorter version of this video is available for license here-
Message to the flatards-
You claim the boat and wind turbines should be leaning away yet the angle would be less than 1% (Ask a 10 year old to work it out for you).
You claim the distortion and \"perspective\" means this video does not disprove a flat earth. Not only is this a lie but isn\'t it an amazing coincidence that the only easily checkable thing just happens to look identical on a flat earth and also a globe?
Do you really think that a multitude of ever changing Govts around the world with diverse leaders such as Trump, Obama, Putin, Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping etc would all agree to keep up the same lie? Not to mention thousands of highly respected scientists, astronauts, military personnel, pilots, technology experts etc etc.
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