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Vaccine Mandates Remove Medical Freedom

NB, Canada is attempting to remove non-medical exemptions for mandatory school vaccines. What this means is that you will lose the ability to opt out. This is not even about if vaccines are dangerous or not this is about removing your Medical Freedom to choose! Research shows the unvaccinated population is healthier and is of no risk to the vaccinated, so it appears this Bill 39 is motivated my money and politics more than public health!

I think they have chosen NB because they see it as the weakest link. Most provinces have gotten the bogus measles scare that they used in Disney and Washington. Once a bill would be passed then it is easier after setting a precedence to roll it out to other parts of Canada.

How can we best educate this group so they see that the vaccine is far more dangerous than the actual childhood illness? What local NB person has the most influence in these matters? Does anyone have any unbiased media or political contacts in NB? Please send an e-mail today July 15th, 2019 ( to voice your concern. You have my permission to copy and paste my words if you choose. clid=IwAR3IjkIu8uKfaOGO10CyXbRc97prLbtCO_0e_V2b63PXTZD1yiaRtbCHmt4
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